I WILL NOT be using the Thursday games at all this year for the confidence pool (creates too many headaches)! If you want to use one of the Thursday teams for Suicide or Margin pool, you may do so.

NFL Football Pools

I will again be running 3 pools, Confidence Pool, Suicide Pool and Margin Pool, if you signup after 9AM on Sunday, please email picks to nflpicks@onthesideline.com

Confidence Pool - $55

This is a pickem pool. You pick every game each week and put a rating from 1 to the number of games for that week. Put the highest score on the game you are most confident about, lowest score on the game you are least confident about. Payout highest weekly points and highest season points. Usually pay between 1 and 5 places for each, depending on number of entries.

Suicide Pool - $20

You pick 1 team a week to win, they win you move on, you lose you are out. You can only pick a team once. Last man standing wins.

Margin Pool - $25

Same as suicide pool, you pick 1 team a week and cannot pick a team more than once, but you get point differential between the teams that play that week. So if you pick Chicago and they beat Green Bay 28-21, you get 7 points. If Chicago loses to Green Bay 28-21 you get -7 points. The points add up for the entire year, top 4 or 5 (depending on entries) with most point at end win.

Are You Ready for Some Football!!!!

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If you are interested in participating in the pools, please let me know!

I want to get all fees collected early. Also if you know of anyone interested, pass on my website.

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